Intricate tiled floor

This is a view looking down from the 2nd floor of the Queen Victoria Building, where the centre dome is located. I waited for some people to walk into the shot, as I reached out as far as could and took a few shots, this one seems to look the best. I shot it in High Contrast Black & White mode, I really like how it highlights the intricate patterns of the tiled floors, and also the people moving through it.



Spanish Romance

I was out on my lunch break on Friday and couldnt help it but to stop and listen to this guitarist performing the ‘Spanish Romance’ in front of Queen Victoria Building. And I am a huge fan of classical spanish guitar.

And if you never heard ‘spanish Romance’ before than click here to see it on youtube.


Back in Sydney and quackin

Well I’m back from my family holiday in Japan and on our first day back in Sydney the temp hit 43 degrees. From winter in Japan to classic Australian summer in less than 24 hours.

Im also back at work too. Back to the real world, and making money for a living. Well, how else to fund our next family holiday?

Anyway folks, the exciting thing is that I still have my RX1 with me and the first thing I photograph is this quack!

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s amazing Rubber Duck has been dipping around Sydney Harbour as part of the 2013 Sydney Festival for the last couple of weeks. And it is just meters away from my office at work.




We visited our auntie in Mikata today, and this time again I took another B&W portrait to add to my RX1 B&W collection.

(Just like yesterdays blog entry of Yonago Obachan, Yonago Obachan was actually a KEIRIN rider, a professional track cyclist when she was 16, and still at 80 years of age, she still gets around Yonago on her bike).

Mikata Obachan is 82 years old, but is fit as a fiddle! You may not be able to notice it in the picture, but Im very surprised that her skin is in very youthful condition for her age, her skin is white and has a natural glow as if she is wearing make up, but she doesn’t.


Actually did you know that by analysing skin of approximately 80,000 people, Shimane prefecture has been reported to have the most beautiful skin nationwide, read it here on madeinmatsue’s blog for more details.

These are a few pictures of the ornaments displayed around her guest room.






I just love taking pictures of elderly people in B&W, and the rich B&W mode on the Sony RX1 is fantastic. This is a B&W portrait of our auntie in Yonago city.

Taken in Rich B&W Mode at F2 (ISO 125).


Koi shutter button for my RX1

I bought this KOI DESIGN shutter button for my Sony RX1 from yodabashi camera store online here.

I also ordered the Sony CPL filter from yodabashi here this morning. Should receive this tomorrow by courier. This will help eliminate unwanted reflections off glass and water when shooting in daylight. It got the Carl Zeiss T* Coating, and has a Slim design to avoid vignetting.



We stayed overnight at SHIRASAGI-EN hot spring hotel. With heavy snow forecast for the night, it’s the perfect temperature to enjoy a dip in the hot spring. SHIRASAGI is actually a name of a white bird, in English we call it a Egret, part of the heron family.

the hot spring hotel is located in Yasugi a small town in Shimane Prefecture. Yasugi is mainly known for the Dojousuki Dance (see it here on youtube). A dojou is actually a small fish, related to the clown fish or the loach. It is very tasty when fried.

Chisato’s signature pose, actually this is how she poses after coming to a rest from Crawling.


Dinner is served








We added sukiyaki to the menu



Yummm… Fried loach. どじょう。


After dinner we take a nice long leisure bath and dip in the hot spring. We do the same in the morning before breakfast



Our rental car covered i snow


Time for a little play in the snow


And time for me to take a few snaps around the place