DxOMark: Sony RX1 “Up there with the best”

Just to remind myself of a post I made last year on my thoughts on Sony RX1, this is what I wrote:

“the sensors in the new Full Frame DSLR from Nikon, the Nikon D800, Nikon D800E, Nikon D600, are also Sony Made sensors. And these 3 cameras are sitting in the top 3 camera sensor rankings on DxOMark (click here). Now this tells me that Sony is pretty damn good in the camera sensor business. Actually they dominate the world in this area.

I wanted to upgrade to the Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera, but Again didn’t want another bulky camera and new lenses. And when Sony announced it would be releasing a compact Full Frame, using the same full frame sensor as the D600. I kept my options open, and eyes peeled for all news about this camera.”

now fast forward to this year, DxOmark published their test and they wrote:

“With a DxOMark Overall Sensor Score of 93 the Sony RX1 puts in an impressive performance currently 4th in our Overall Sensor Ratings just behind the Nikon D800E with 96, Nikon D800 with 95 and Nikon D600 with 94.

Placed 1st overall for high-end compacts the RX1 is streets ahead of the competition here. With 93 points the RX1 scores 20 points more than the 2nd place Fujifilm X100 with 73 and beats its sister model, the RX100, into 3rd with 66 points.”

Now this is even more great news for me!


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