Miho-Wan Fishing Report (20/DEC/2012): Toshinoriさん and I left his waterside home on his boat called KAITO at 9:04am (KAITO’s boat capacity is 10 persons). His other boat called SUNNY-GO was quietly docked beside and bid us farewell and all the best. (i’m sure SUNNY-GO too wanted to come).



The winter morning was clear and crisp, a very rare day for December. The NAKA-UMI water was gleaming with the morning sun, and was smooth. The ride to our planned fishing spot MIHO-WAN (near MIHONOSEKI) was going to be quicker than usual. We past the docking ports of SAKAIMINATO Where the famous KITARO ROAD is located. There were other fishing boats on the way, also enjoying this glorious sunny day.


Fishing plan: Our plan today is to catch SEA BASS, known in japanese as SUZUKI (スズキ). Anything below 30cm is considered as a juvenile and is called SEIGO. Anything over is a SUZUKI.

Fishing tackle: We used braided line which makes lure fishing more sensitive and also braided line has stronger tensile strength than monofilament lines (although is not abrasion resistant). So connected to the end of the braided line is a flurocarbon leader to absorb any shock and abrasion. Flurocarbon is also invisible under water. Attached to the end of the line is a lure called SPIN SHINER (25g). The SPIN SHINER has a blade at the end and it spins and shines as it moves through the water. Our back up lure is the KOUME80, which is twice as expensive than the SPINE SHINER.


We reached our fishing spot at roughly 9:45, the nice smooth water conditions made it possible for us to arrive early. Toshinoriさん said, this is the spot, the combined GPS and Fish Finder was telling us that it is roughly 15- 30 meters deep and signaling a lot of Bait Fish activity below, which is a good sign that other larger species should be around.

Toshinoriさん made the 1st cast to check. As the SPIN SHINER descended to the bottom he got an instant HIT! It was a SEIGO measuring roughly at 30cm. He signaled to me to hurry and join.
On Toshinoriさん 2nd cast he got another. On my 1st cast I got a SUZUKI at roughly 50cm.

The action was HOT, we started to catch juvenile Yellow Tail King Fish, known in japanese as TSUBASU as it grows it to its next stage of life it is called HAMACHI and the final adult stage is called BURI. (Kind of reminds me of pokemon evolving). We also hooked up a couple of juvenile Spanish mackerels, known in Japanese as SAGOSHI. At the adult stage it is called SAWARA (鰆).

Well by the end of the first hour we lost count of how many we got, we released a few small juvenile Sea Bass as well.






Back at home my father in law cleaned and sliced up the fish for sashimi.





The tiny fish called MAMAKARI was also cleaned and sliced up to be eaten raw as sashimi.




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