Dinner @ 寿し浩

Today we asked the grandparents and nieces to look after Keishi and Chisato for the evening, while me and my wife went out to enjoy dinner together. Actually when was the last time we had a leisurely dinner together, just the two of us? Hmmmm.. that would be the days before Keishi was born, about 3 years ago.

We decided that since were in Japan, why not eat sushi? Not at a sushi train chain restaurant, but at a real sushi restaurant, a sushi-ya, where you sit down at the counter and the sushi chef makes it right in front in your eyes. A great way to enjoy fresh sushi and sashimi.

The restaurant we booked was called Sushi Hiro (寿し浩).
Located at 543-14 Isemiya-cho, Matsue Shi, Japan. (Tel 27-7163).
寿し浩 松江市 伊勢宮町 543-14

Restaurant owner and sushi chef


Fresh ingredients right in front of you, this is called Neta (ネタ), for those who aren’t able to read off the menu, all you need to do is point to what you want.


We started off with a Toku-jyou nigiri set [特上 握り]. Toku-Jyou translates as super fine and the Tokujyou set is a set of 11 assortment of super fine nigiri sushi. As the chef makes it he reaches over and places it directly on your Geta (ゲタ), wooden plate, best to eat immediately while you can.





Nodoguro Sashimi, a delicacy of this region. Really soft and creamy, melts in your mouth. Best to chew slowly to enjoy the flavour.


Aji sashimi (yellow tail).

This style of sushi which is wrapped around in Nori is called Gun-kan (軍艦), which means warship, or navy ship. Many of you should be familiar with this.



Best to wash all this down with some chilled beverage, I had a local Sake, and my wife had a Suntory Alcohol Free Beer.




Sushi vocab section
Ikkan (一貫) a set of 2 nigiri sushi
Murasaki (むらさき) is soy sauce or commonly called Shoyu. Although Murasaki is not used a lot these days so you can still stick to Shoyu.
Shime (シメ) your last order you ate. For my very last order I had grilled unagi nirgiri. I can say that my Shime was Grilled unagi nigiri.


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