Sunset at Shinjiko

After a few days of snow and rain, we finally got sunshine. The day was quite mild and it was great to get outside for some play. It was almost a clear day, with just a little spec of clouds in the distance. We decided to go see the sunset (wife and kids).

Little Chisato fell asleep, while Keishi ran around playing. Todays sunset was going to be gold. But, I would of liked to see some more clouds in the sky, as the sun sets and paints the clouds with it’s golden light. Oh well, maybe next time.

Under shinjiko ōhashi (bridge).


Keishi looking across the lake towards the Shimane Art Museum.


Pine trees lined up on the edge of the lake are bathed in the suns golden light.


The 12 Bronze Rabit’s outside the Shimane Art Museum is said to give the person happiness upon touching them. My wife thinks thats just another gimmick for the tourists, but Keishi doesn’t think so.


One of the many cute and lovely sunset watchers on scene.



Now for the final showdown…


And lastly a panorama.



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