Golden Hour @ Shinjiko Lake

We were scheduled today to go to the Silver Mine located near Oda city but due to urgent matters we have postponed this for another two days. Instead I decided to borrow my sister in-laws bike to go and see the sunset over lake Shinji, which i have not yet had the opportunity due to cloudy and rainy conditions since we arrived here in Matsue

So when i saw that the sky was clearing up, i didnt hesitate to go. I left at 3:30 and arrived on scene 20 mins later, I took a long route through Kyomise, a small shopping strip, just to see if anything had changed since three years ago. Kyomise still looks the same as it last did.

When I arrived at the Shimane Art Museum at Shinjiko, there were people taking photos, couples holding hands and keeping each other warm, but everyone was there for the same reason, waiting for the sunset. There were serious photogrpahers with their big cameras and lenses on a tripod. Sometimes students will jog pass on a regular basis, probably actively involved in some sports club like soccer, or baseball.

After analyzing the scene, I knew that today’s sunset wasnt going to dissapoint. There were a few clouds scattered on the left of the sky and on the right side it was clear. The sun was slowly decending, making it’s way behind the distant mountains. There was an occasional soft winter breeze. It was a pleasant breeze and wasn’t too strong and unbearable. The surface of the lake was shimering with the gold light from the sun. Many water birds were scattered across the lake, they probably have flown thousands of miles from Russia to spend the winter here.

Well without further a due, here are the images taken today.












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