Neighbor Matsumoto

There are many elderly people living in our neighborhood, majority are in retirement and some living alone. News and information is commicated through this small community via a system called KAIRANBAN [回覧板]. The news or information is clipped to a clip board and then is passed on from house to house, so when it reached ours me and my son Keishi volunteered to pass it on to our next door neighbor Matsumoto. Matsumoto is a lovely old lady who lives alone. Her husband past away 6 years ago. She is a very Genki lady and is always laughing.

Iwami Gizan – tomorrow, we’ll be staying over night at a hotspring hotel located at the world heritage site called Iwami Ginzan. iwami Ginzan is a silver mine. When i return, i’ll share more pictures of our trip. See you in a couple of days!





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